amp for sonus faber concerto domus

I am looking for power amp to drive sf concerto domus
prefer tubes but open to suggestions
like CJ, anyone tried to drive these speakers with CJ MV 55 or premier 11?
appreciate any inputs
I never heard or used the sonus faber integrated. Although, I think Quintessence Audio outside of Chicago has a demo for sale. That's were I bought my Pathos. They could probably give you a rundown on the musica and Pathos
I ran quite a few amps with Concerto Grand Pianos. Musical Fidelity A5 pre/pwr were good, Chapter pre/pwr were exceptional though reliability and backup poor, Leben 300x not great, Muse Model 200 very good and finally Audio Analogue Verdi Settanta was very musical particularly when used with a Muse Erato as source.
Had Grand piano home,together with Krell kav 400,thought it was quite good combo.Than upgraded to Cremon Auditors,which
led me to Pathos Inpol 2 amp,no comparation,in favor of latter combination.Think that Pathos works great with SF, saw more than few comments on that.SF speakers are not easy to drive,so be careful which tubes you
choose,would not buy anything before I hear it at home
Primare sounds great with Sonus. (I use Primare separates with the EAII.) Most would say that Sonus speakers lean towards the 'warm' side; I wouldn't pair Sonus with a warm/soft amp. However, I wouldn't trust others to tell you what is 'right'. Audition whatever you can to make the most informed decision. A good speaker can sound good with almost any amp. A good speaker with a good amp = something special.

That's my two cents.