Amp for Thiel CS1.5?

Hi again folks,
Well I settled on purchasing a set of Thiel CS1.5 speakers to upgrade more to 2-channel from HT. I may live with my Outlaw 1050 powering them for a short time but know I'll need a separate amp from what I've read.

Thiel's website seems to strongly suggest getting an amp that will double the wattage as the impedence halves. Getting something close to this will probably narrow the field of contenders.

My biggest constraint is what I can spend on an amp right now. I can probably swing around $500-600 for the amp.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Just from reading I've wondered about a 70 or 100 watt from Classe, or that a Rotel might be a stepping stone until I can swing something nicer.

Try the Forte' Model 3(a-b, high bias), I saw one on AG about a week ago for about 365.00. It's the little brother to the Threshold. And a smoothy of an amp,for the price.Careful you run good cables though.THe Audioquest GBC which runs for 100.00 new off hcm Is a decent budjet cable, ok bottom end but not great. I used a Forte' to power a pair of Thiel cs2's.There are plenty of good used amps you could choose from but for 365.00 if you can find it. THe forte' is a great buy. I wish I still owned can't beat it for the amount your look'n to spend. It's a work horse of an amp 100wpc e-z!
All good advise above. Other (perhaps not even as good) considerations include: Classe', Muse and PSE.
Thanks for the input folks.

Any thoughts on Anthem's older MCA 2? It is shown as being rated at 200/350 for 8/4 ohms. This doesn't quite meet Thiel recommendation for doubling when going to 4 ohms.

I'm unsuccessful so far tracking down the specs on units from PSE (Studio Mark IV) or from Muse.

Since I'm new at this in moving from a simple HT receiver setup, I'm unfamiliar with which amps would be "bright".

Thanks again,

I wouldn't let doubling down conern me but another amp to consider would be McCormack.

Chuck, the McCormack is a good recommendation. For someone new to this using the "doubling down" criterion has a lot of merit. The 1.5's hang around 4 OHms and drop to 3 Ohms.