Amp for Thiel CS1.5?

Hi again folks,
Well I settled on purchasing a set of Thiel CS1.5 speakers to upgrade more to 2-channel from HT. I may live with my Outlaw 1050 powering them for a short time but know I'll need a separate amp from what I've read.

Thiel's website seems to strongly suggest getting an amp that will double the wattage as the impedence halves. Getting something close to this will probably narrow the field of contenders.

My biggest constraint is what I can spend on an amp right now. I can probably swing around $500-600 for the amp.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Just from reading I've wondered about a 70 or 100 watt from Classe, or that a Rotel might be a stepping stone until I can swing something nicer.

From my experience with 1.5s, Classe CAP 100 was a good match. But Thiels use a lot of power, even small Thiels, even in small rooms I now use a Musical Fidelity A300--260w @ 4ohm--and a small REL sub. The sub really helps with power management. The speakers aren't working so hard to distribute all that fine wattage. In fact, I could really go down in power. So, if you still have a powered subwoofer from your HT, use that with the Thiels along with your Outlaw--not sure what that sounds like on Thiels--and wait a bit until you have the money for a quality power source, because, like you've probably heard, Thiels will reveal every mistake you've made upstream. Best of luck.
I echo the recommendation of the Forte amp. Look for a model 4 which is a pure class A outputing 50watts. When I started this hobby many many years ago, I heard the combo at the dealers and was quite impressed. (I had already bought the 2.2 and the Forte model 6 which outputs 200 watts in AB mode at that time.)

Thanks again to everyone.
The speakers are in my living room which is approximately 17x17x9. I do have a powered sub, a Def Tech that was recommended by my local dealer. I also bought the speakers that the Thiels are replacing from him. He said that the Def Tech was fast and would mate well with the Monitor Audio Silver 5's. I'm hoping that the sub will be OK with the Thiels.

The Outlaw has its own base management system. I've been tempted to connect my better cd player in using the 'direct in' hook up which bypasses the bass management. If I do this, then the powered sub is excluded; every bit of the signal will only go to the main speakers. Oh well, something to play with.

I'm buying the Thiels from a guy here on Audiogon and hopefully they will arrive today or Monday.

I want to thank everyone again for their input and suggestions.

My - new to me - PSE Studio Mark IV arrived last night. I've only had a short time to listen to it, but I am seriously impressed. I'm now getting a sense of how good my system can sound. Having this amp in place versus simply powering the Thiels with the receiver is like a whole new world. I am thrilled with what I'm hearing.

One thing that some sellers helped me with was the amount of heat generated by some amps. I appreciate folks honestly telling me that their amp wouldn't be a good fit for my setup (the amp needs to go in an armoire entertainment center). I really feel that folks here have steered me in the right direction.

Hopefully someday I'll know enough to help others out in this hobby as well.