Amp for Vandersteen 2ci

Hi all, I am planning on upgrading my amp for my Vandersteen 2ci. I am looking for an amp with a little more power and with a budget at 2k. I currently have the B&K ST2140 amp with a Rotel RC-970BX preamp which I went to RC-995 preamp with balanced output. Their are a few amp I was thinking in no particular order:

Classe CA-200

Threshold Audio S-300

Parasound Halo A21

Krell KAV 250a

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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You can't go wrong with any of the amps you list, including the B&K! The only apparent sonic differences will be at clipping - but who wants that! 

Ayre, Belles, Aesthetix, come to mind.

Amps with Zero Feedback tend to make the Vandy's shine.


jason bourne the differences in sound will be apparent way long before clipping 


each amplifier has its own sonic flavor