Amp for Vienna Accousics Beethoven speakers

I just bought a s/h pair of the Beethoven. I am running them with the Sim I5 integrated. With your experiences, owners of these speakers, what is the best sounding amp with them?
I've posted a review of the C500 that you may want to check out in the review section of this site. I've also heard the C500 driving the Beethovens and that was very nice indeed. I think it's one of the very best amplifiers for the entire VA line, including the new reference speaker, "The Music", which I've heard driven by the Capri/312 combo, which shares much with the C500.

i had a pair of concert grand-bryston 4bsst,my amp bearly got warm,,viennas are easy to run,,i cant get parts and cant send them back,,so i sold them,,,they came dinged up kris
i doint recamend vienna,i got a pair and they came dinded up,i called to see if i could get them repaired or send them back and they said i need to take them to a furniture resto or piano resto,,now what if i had got a pair of tyler or thiel or magnepan,,,or,,,or,,,
Why anybody would accept a brand new pair of speakers with damage is confusing to me. I would immediately return them to the manufacturer and give them the option of either replacing them with a mint condition pair at their expense or refunding my money. If they balked at either, I would immediately contact my credit card company (or in my case, my debit card bank and get the charges reversed). Then I would contact the better business bureau and send letters to every single audio publication as to my experience.

You wouldn't accept a brand new car from a dealership with dents in it, why would you accept a damaged and dinged up audio product?

If VA or any company did this to me, I would make it my personal resolution to expose them for what they are, everywhere I could.
I run mine with a krell KAV 300il, 26 x 30 room up to an average 95db, clean sound, better than my classe pre/ B&K 4420r combo. My other speakers kef 105/3 are difficult to make sing & bi-ampd krell top B&K bottom works, the beethoven's room placement gave me more trouble than amp matching.