Amp for Vienna Accousics Beethoven speakers

I just bought a s/h pair of the Beethoven. I am running them with the Sim I5 integrated. With your experiences, owners of these speakers, what is the best sounding amp with them?
i doint recamend vienna,i got a pair and they came dinded up,i called to see if i could get them repaired or send them back and they said i need to take them to a furniture resto or piano resto,,now what if i had got a pair of tyler or thiel or magnepan,,,or,,,or,,,
Why anybody would accept a brand new pair of speakers with damage is confusing to me. I would immediately return them to the manufacturer and give them the option of either replacing them with a mint condition pair at their expense or refunding my money. If they balked at either, I would immediately contact my credit card company (or in my case, my debit card bank and get the charges reversed). Then I would contact the better business bureau and send letters to every single audio publication as to my experience.

You wouldn't accept a brand new car from a dealership with dents in it, why would you accept a damaged and dinged up audio product?

If VA or any company did this to me, I would make it my personal resolution to expose them for what they are, everywhere I could.
I run mine with a krell KAV 300il, 26 x 30 room up to an average 95db, clean sound, better than my classe pre/ B&K 4420r combo. My other speakers kef 105/3 are difficult to make sing & bi-ampd krell top B&K bottom works, the beethoven's room placement gave me more trouble than amp matching.