Amp Internal Wire

Hi Gents, has anyone have any experience with upgrading amp or preamp internal signal wire? Most older equipment seems to have thin maybe sometimes poor internal wiring. In the world of OFC/OCC/Sterling and even more exotic wire available these days, any experiments done using this internally on components swapping out the cheap?

Lots of discussion about doing this with speakers, but never with components I've seen. For instance, I am thinking about replacing copper 'appliance' wire in an old Bryston with 14awg sterling from the board to the speaker binding post board.


Any thoughts?


Fun fact: polyethylene easily rivals or surpasses Teflon at certain frequencies.

Ralph, I didn't understand that statement. Are you talking about frequency of mechanical vibration, and what aspect is the comparison about?

I have heard VH Audio’s UniCrystal OCC single solid core copper and their silver wire with purity of 5n (99.999%) is very good.VH Audio uses a foamed fluoropolymer insulation and not a solid fluoropolymer or teflon. It has been proven to keep the voltage more stable, reducing energy breakdown point to point by 30% over teflon. Xlnt for amps, interconnects and crossovers. Hope this helps some of you in your quest.

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You know that the path on circuit board are copper not silver and performance does not suffer. Special case is to make board it self of Teflon but that really because temperature. So wiring everything with silver is not necessarily but Teflon insulator  over copper is ok.  Hell we use this type of wire since the 1970s,  it’s not new thing.