Amp Pairing for Aerial Acoustics 6Ts.

I now have a pair of Aerial Acoustic 6Ts in my living room. I'll include the specs below.

I do not know where to begin with matching these with an amp or an integrated. I've asked this question several times in other forums but probably too many with constraints. Thought I'd get some opinions in the Speakers forum.

Here is the intended use: Secondary system in my living room for casual fairly low volume listening via Sonos/Amazon Music. It will be used occasionally. Would prefer a small footprint. Simplicity would be nice. It will have no other inputs. Integrated probably makes the most sense.  It will have to integrate with Sonos somehow. I do have a Connect Gen2. Would not need a DAC unless the DAC as significantly better than the Sonos Connect DAC.

Considered so far: Sonos Amp. PS Audio Sprout100.

Would like to hear a range of opinions for units that would pair well with these really nice speakers. For now, let's say the budget is open (it is not) but I am willing to buy used.

Sorry for posing this question so many times and thanks for your input.

Speaker specs:

Frequency Response 35 Hz to 25 kHz ±2 dB, -6 dB at 30 Hz
Sensitivity 90 dB for 2.83 volts at 1 meter on axis
Impedance 4 ohms, 3 ohms minimum, low reactance
Power Requirements 25 watts minimum, >50 recommended
Woofers Dual 5.9″ (150 mm) with cast magnesium frames, special papyrus blend cone. copper pole sleeve, dual magnets, 1.25″ coil, long and linear Xmax
Midrange 4.8″ (123 mm) with cast magnesium frame, special papyrus blend cone. copper pole sleeve, dual magnets, 1.00″ copper clad aluminum coil
Tweeter 1″ (25 mm) with thick machined aluminum plate, soft ring-dome design with machined wave guide, dual-magnets, 1.00″ coil, copper pole sleeve
Crossover Fourth order acoustic Linkwitz-Riley, 600 Hz and 4,000 Hz crossover frequencies, 2 physically separate networks
Connections Four gold-plated binding posts with included jumpers, bi-wire and bi-amp capable
Gato DIA-150. Michael Kelly suggests Gato for his speakers. Excellent gear made in Denmark.
I have heard the Aerial 6Ts extensively and they need good power/current to sound as they should/can. It probably doesn't matter as much if they're used for background low volume music listening but if you have (very) limited budget, you may want to consider a higher powered Class D amplifier to at least drive them with more authority at lower volumes. While I have no experience with the options you've listed, I suspect they will make them sound thin at low listening volumes. Those speakers sound very good if/when properly driven.
the Gato 150 is superb. Gato now sells manufacturer direct in USA with greatly reduced prices. The new Anniversary Editions I'm told are sonically unchanged. The top of the line 150 is Class A/B and does not contain a DAC, while the 250 and 400 are Class D and do include a DAC...
Parasound Halo Hint6 Integrated.  Plenty of power and enough inputs and outputs.  Even has a built in crossover for a sub if you wanted to add one later on. Excellent sound for the $$$