Amp pairing with Tannoy Turnberry?

Hi all!

Going to be picking up a pair of Tannoy Turnberry speakers in the near future, and was looking at some various options for integrated amplifiers. There are a couple on my radar and was wondering if anyone who owns the speakers has any insight. 

1. Primaluna EVO 300 or 400 - torn on whether the extra $ warrants going for the 400 over the 300. I had a Primaluna + Tannoy pairing some years ago and loved it, so immediately thought of this one.

2. NAT audio single HPS v2 - this is at the very top end of what I could consider budget wise. I have heard this amp, but not with the tannoys. It sounds incredible to me, but I'm not sure if it would play nice with the Turnberry speakers and don't have the ability to test one at home. 

From what I've hard of the NAT, I'm thinking it may be the better option, but maybe there is a better solid state in the price range I'm looking at. Ideally, I'd like to stay in the 5-6k range, but willing to stretch a little bit more for something I will be happy with for the forseeable future. 

Thanks for any insight.



The additional details shared are really enlightening/insightful. I have to say that based on your music preferences, prior system /components experiences and room size, the NAT Single HPS is a superb option for you. It will bring your jazz recordings to life and provide much emotional involvement. I believe that this pairing will deeply connect you with your music listening. This is my humble opinion.

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I have Tannoy Turnberry GRs and am using a Primaluna Evo 400 power amp. It's a very good combo but you can probably do better. I think an Evo 300 would have been fine because the Tannoys have a sensitivity of 93bd.

A Dialogue Premium (4 tubes and 34 watts) had no problem throwing around my old 88db Salks.


Yes, I do think that is what I am leaning toward at the moment. It's at the upper limit of my budget, but willing to stretch a bit for the right one. I'm just not sure that a solid state will give me what I am looking for, at this price point at least. 


That's what I was thinking if I went with Primaluna. I wan't sure if the extra power was really worth the price jump in that case, especially if it wasn't necessary for the speakers.

I recently watched a review on YouTube that mentioned the Audio Note I Zero. People who heard it were astonished at the sound and it’s quite affordable. May be worth some research.


I’m just not sure that a solid state will give me what I am looking for, at this price point at least

I understand. Your budget range allows many fine options new or used.More than one path to an excellent amplifier for your Tannoys.

It’s just my deep suspicion (Gut feeling) that the NAT is uniquely special and you found it incredible sounding for a reason.