amp & preamp for acapella violon

I would appreciate your recommendations for an amp & preamp
to use with my newly acquired Acapella high Violons with the
sub active bass. The speakers are still breaking in and have about 40 hours on them. My initial impressions are superb (specially the midrange horns and the plasma tweeters). I have a problem with the bass as I am currently
driving them with the Audio Aero Prestige single ended mono
blocks which do not seem to have enough power to control the
lower frequencies. The rest of the system consists of:
DCS Verdi/Purcell/Elgar Plus all with the DSD firewire
Hovland pre
Kimber Select 1030 interconnects and digital cables
Kimber Select 3038 speaker cables
various Shunyata power cords

The amplifiers and preamps I have in mind are
Halcro dm58/68 and Halcro dm10 pre
Edge Signature mono blocks and Wyetech Opal pre
Chord SPM 6000 mono blocks and top of the line Chord pre
Audio Research ref 300mk2 and ref 2mk2 pre

If anybody has experience with tube amps like the Tenors or
Vaics or Wavacs or any other high powered single ended triodes (which I prefer) on these speakers pls respond ASAP

Likely additions to the system in the near future will be
either the Clearaudio Master Reference turntable (with the
Clearaudio arm) or the Simon Yorke turntable to replace my
current SOTA Star Saphire & Alphason arm setup. My cartridge
which is the Koetsu Onyx Saphire will stay with system.

Thanks and happy new year to all in advance.
I also forgot to add that I have the Acapella fondato silenzios under the front end , preamp , amps and speakers.
They really make a lot of difference for the better.
The Violon High Sub is an awesome speaker. We just got ours and are breaking them in with the 800 watt Edge NL Reference monoblocks. Yes, a little over the top - but it sounds *great*.

If you like tubed amplification - and you can afford it - then you might want to also try the Audio Note Kegon 22 watt Single-ended Triode monoblocks. They drove our Campaniles effortlessly (though the Campaniles are about 1dB more efficient than the Violons). You will think that you have died and gone to heaven.

I'm sure we'd all love to hear more about how the ASL Hurricanes sound on your Violons. I haven't heard of anyonme else trying that combination...

Oh, those Fondato's are addicting aren't they? Put them under something - and there they stay... :-)

There has been some changes for the better in the system.
First of all, the DCS front end has been changed in favour
of the excellent EMM Labs DAC6e & modified SACD 1000 transport. Then, the speaker cable was changed to Nordost Valhalla which was a big improvement.

Therefore the latest situation is as follows :

Front end : EMM Labs
Preamp : Conrad Johnson Art Series 2
Power Amp : ASL Hurricanes
Speakers : Acapella High Violon Sub Active Bass
Interconnects : Kimber Select 1030
Speaker Cable : Nordost Valhalla
Power Cords : Shunyata
Equipment Rack: Finite Elements Pagode Master Ref
Also Acapella Fondato Silenzio under the Speakers ,
Hurricanes and the front end components.

I am about to receive some NOS 6SN7 & Vt231 tubes to try on the Hurricanes. (Sylvania chrome domes as well as
RCA Vt231 grey glass) . I also have access to Electro Harmonix KT88 which I'll try after finalizing the NOS tubes.

Once I finish tube rolling , I'll try to post my overall impressions which look to be very favourable as the Hurricanes are proving to be an excellent match to the Acapellas.

I have yet to locate a pair of WAVAC HE833 in my location.
I just discovered this thread and reading your comments re: the Acapella. We are the US distributor of WAVAC and can assist you with a WAVAC dealer. In fact, we have a dealer with Acapella Violins and HE-833 v1.3. This newer WAVAC is an upgraded version of the 100w/ch HE-833. The v1.3 model offers 150w/ch and the sonicvs are even better than the "little" 100w/ch HE-833. Please contact me at 937-439-2667 or and we'll get you in touch of the WAVAC/Violin dealer.

btw, WAVAC now has 3 833 models providing 150 w/ch! As with all WAVAC models, no caps in the signal path and only 1 output tube per channel.

Thanks for your interest in the WAVAC amplifiers.

Jim Ricketts
tmh audio
There has been more changes to the system. First of all the tube rolling experiments on the Hurricanes yielded incredible results . I have changed the stock tubes with the NOS RCA Vt231 grey glass and Electro Harmonix KT88.

Thereafter, a second set of Hurricanes with Electro Harmonix tubes (KT 88 & gold pin 6SN7) was used to biamp the system whereby the new amps were used to drive the low frequencies.

Then, Nordost Valhalla power cords were used on all the power amps . The results so far have been breathtaking.

The latest system :
Front end : EMM Labs
Front end power cables : Shunyata
Front end to preamp interconnects : Kimber Select KS1030
Preamp : Conrad Johnson Art Series 2
Preamp to power amp interconnects : Kimber Select KS1030
Power amp for mid-hi frequencies : ASL Hurricane with NOS
Mid-hi power amp power cable : Nordost Valhalla
Mid-hi power amp speaker cable : Nordost Valhalla
Power amp for bass : ASL Hurricane with Electro Harmonix
Bass power amp power cable : Shunyata
Bass power amp speaker cable : Kimber Select 3038
Speakers : Acapella High Violons with sub active bass
Equipment rack : Finite Elements Pagode Master Ref
Acapella Fondato Silenzio under speakers , power amps and the front end units .

I am waiting for a second pair of Nordost Valhalla power
cords for the bass amps as well as a second pair of Valhalla speaker cables for the low frequencies to try.

In the meantime , I have to add that the Kimber interconnects were a better match than the Valhalla
interconnects within the context of my system. Also , Shunyata power cords were a better match for the front end.

Once I have the above mentioned Valhallas to try for the bass amps, I will try to give you all an extended account and impressions of the full system which is breaking in and giving me great pleasure beyond expectation.