amp rec for spendors

Looking for amplifier recommendations for Spendor sp 2/3 speakers. I have used McIntosh mc225 and Audio Note P2SE with them; not enough power. Looking for anybody with direct experience with higher power, quality, single ended and push/pull tubed amps with these speakers. Other models such as the sp 1/2 are close enough that those are fine, too, for direct experience. I have my own ideas but want to see what others think as this is a question that pops up periodically.
Go with a used classe DR-9 amp excellent performer plenty of power built to last and sounds very close to tubes with ss strength. Find them used sometimes on Audiogon. But please do not pay over a grand for many people selling them for way to much Imo.
I've been asking the same question about powering my Spendor SP1/2E loudspeakers. At the moment I'm using a Linn LK-2 amplifier, w. 60 wpc, which is quite a musical piece, but I'm getting restless for a different kind of amplifier esp. to improve bass and soundstage, without losing the Spendor midrange. The classe suggestions is interesting; I've not yet heard that line of amplfiers. Anyone had expereince with Spendors and either Mcintosh or Plinius?
Goheel: a friend is using a 47Lab 50wpc Gaincard to power his Spendor 7/1 and he is quite pleased although he misses his tubes but does not want to spend the money on a tube amp powerful enough to power these puppies AND give a quality of tubed sound close to high end SET.