Amp recommendation for Maggies 1.6Q

I listen mostly to jazz at relatively low levels and currently power the Maggies with a Jolida 302a. Although resloution is detailed and soundstage is wide, the music sounds distant, sterile and not-involving. Is this a result of a low power amp?
The source is a Simaudio Equinox CDP running through a Vintage VTL preamp.
What are your amp recommendations to get an involving sound?
Giorgioh, the only way I think you can have both the power you need (SS) and warmth you want (tubes) with Maggies is to get a great SS amp like a Mark Levinson 23.5 -- almost tube-like and a great buy used (avoid the 23) and them get a really great tube preamp with (if you do analog) a tube phono stage (built in to the preamp if possible). Now that will give you just what you're looking for -- except for what I said before about low listening levels.

I drive my fullrange Apogee Duetta Signatures with tubed monos (Rogue M-120 Magnums)...the Rogues drive them with ease to all but head banger SPL's.

Apogees don't require loud playback levels to sound good...I think that may be strictly a Maggie thing.

Dave, I'm sure the Apogees are more refined than the Maggies and you're right, they sound good at low levels too. As I recall, many people biamped them, using tubes for the ribbon -- or is my memory failing?

Apogee had over 20 models, some were very hard on amps so I should have been more clear...the 1 ohm Scintilla comes to mind as an amp eater.

Many of the large 3-ways were and still are bi/tri-amped so your memory is not failing yet buddy! wife says mine is though.