Amp recommendation for Maggies 1.6Q

I listen mostly to jazz at relatively low levels and currently power the Maggies with a Jolida 302a. Although resloution is detailed and soundstage is wide, the music sounds distant, sterile and not-involving. Is this a result of a low power amp?
The source is a Simaudio Equinox CDP running through a Vintage VTL preamp.
What are your amp recommendations to get an involving sound?

I drive my fullrange Apogee Duetta Signatures with tubed monos (Rogue M-120 Magnums)...the Rogues drive them with ease to all but head banger SPL's.

Apogees don't require loud playback levels to sound good...I think that may be strictly a Maggie thing.

Dave, I'm sure the Apogees are more refined than the Maggies and you're right, they sound good at low levels too. As I recall, many people biamped them, using tubes for the ribbon -- or is my memory failing?

Apogee had over 20 models, some were very hard on amps so I should have been more clear...the 1 ohm Scintilla comes to mind as an amp eater.

Many of the large 3-ways were and still are bi/tri-amped so your memory is not failing yet buddy! wife says mine is though.

Georgioh, in the "golden age" Levinson (Madrigal) period, there were the 20 (amp) 23 (amp) 25 (phono pre) 26 (preamp) and 27 (amp).

Improvements were made to all of them kicking them into major new orbits, sonically. New type circuit board material, teflon capacitors and metal film resistors, improved power supplies (in the amps) etc.

The new designations (respectively) were the 20.5 and 20.6 (amps) 25s (phono pre) 26s (preamp) and 27.5 (amp). These are all still very much sought after for their extreme quietness and almost tube-like musicality.

I had a 23 and then a 23.5 and the difference was quite remarkable (I still have my 23.5 after 15 years!)