Amp recommendation for Maggies 1.6Q

I listen mostly to jazz at relatively low levels and currently power the Maggies with a Jolida 302a. Although resloution is detailed and soundstage is wide, the music sounds distant, sterile and not-involving. Is this a result of a low power amp?
The source is a Simaudio Equinox CDP running through a Vintage VTL preamp.
What are your amp recommendations to get an involving sound?
Georgioh, in the "golden age" Levinson (Madrigal) period, there were the 20 (amp) 23 (amp) 25 (phono pre) 26 (preamp) and 27 (amp).

Improvements were made to all of them kicking them into major new orbits, sonically. New type circuit board material, teflon capacitors and metal film resistors, improved power supplies (in the amps) etc.

The new designations (respectively) were the 20.5 and 20.6 (amps) 25s (phono pre) 26s (preamp) and 27.5 (amp). These are all still very much sought after for their extreme quietness and almost tube-like musicality.

I had a 23 and then a 23.5 and the difference was quite remarkable (I still have my 23.5 after 15 years!)
I had tremendous success driving a pair of 1.6QRs with an Audio Research D-115 MK2. 110 watts of pure tube bliss.

The great thing about Magnepans is that the impedence stays level at 4 ohms, so it's really not a challenge for a quality high power tube amp (like the ARC) to drive them.

ARC tends to be less "tubey" than most others. I have similar musical tastes as you and found this to be the ticket.

I tried Bryston (4B ST), Aragon (8008-BB), McIntosh (MC-7270), Classe (CA-200) and White Audio Labs (B1?). All were well-respected, high-powered solid state amps and NONE could hold a candle to the Audio Research.

I love maggies.( I still hace a thirty year old pair of mg-1 under my bed)I love sixty watt tube amps. I have never owned a high powered ss amp. try the cj prem. 11a.
To all that have responded - thank you. I am pleasantly overwhelmed by the level of expertise and will certainly keep reviewing the classified section for this gear.

You should ignore any advice that says you need a ton of power with 1.6s. What you really need is a good tube amp, Maggies love tubes. I powered my modified 1.6s with a Music Reference RM9 to seemingly impossible levels. But quality over quantity is the key here. Keep in mind though that the RM9 is not your typical 100 watt tube amp. It has balls to spare. If you could luck out and find a used one, this would be a match made in heaven for you.