Amp recommendation for Magnepan 3.7's?

I have a pair of Magnepan 3.7's that I just acquired and currently power them with a Rega Elicit integrated. I am thinking about buying a used Wyred4sound ST-1000 and use the Elicit as a preamp. Before I pull the trigger on the Wyred4sound I am wondering are there any recommendations for producing the best sound from a pair of Magenpan 3.7's?
Rob, very interesting comments on a nice variety of amps! I've heard so many raves about the Sanders Magtech driving Maggies that I'm a bit surprised about your reaction, but have read that they have an analytical perspective. Am very interested in hearing more about the new REF600Ms as you get some time with them, not many out there yet. I run the Rowland 625 with my 3.7i speakers and find the combination superb along with a suitable quality preamp. I understand that the new 625 II is even more costly though. Good listening and please continue to share your thoughts with us, it is most appreciated!
Bill_k --

In looking at the specs for the Magtech, it would seem that they have tons of power for the Maggies. Indeed, that's what they were designed for, hence "Mag"tech.

Roger was quite adamant that there wouldn't be any break-in time on the amp, that with only an hour or two of warmup, they'd sound like the ever would. After a couple of days, I asked, "Are you sure?" He was quite sure. Well, I found the presentation rather flat and two-dimensional, lacking any real involvement at all. Power? Yes. Muscle? Yes. Engaging? No. It played the notes, but... Is that "analytical?" Methinks so.

Based on my own experience, I should've run them up about 300 hours to give them at least a fair shake, but Roger said.....

The Bel Cantos get better as the hours go by. As you might expect, they're young, likely less than 300 hours, so I'm going to give them about another 10 days while I A/B with the Veritas (wicked broken in), and the Rowland Continuum, who the dealer claims is broken in, but I don't know how many hours, exactly.

For what the Bel Cantos are doing, they're a remarkable bargain, with an adorably small footprint.
I should add that I probably learned more from Roger Sanders in a few emails than I have from a week of poring over posts and reviews. He has a wealth of knowledge at his fingertips, which aren't afraid of typing at all. He was quite helpful in sorting out any number of things.

He also offers a risk-free trial, so if anyone is considering these powerhouses, you can't go wrong at all. 30 days, shipping both ways, prompt and personalized attention.
Pass 250.8 wonderful sound,great dynamics,bass,airy highs and sweet midrange.