Amp recommendation for Vandersteen Treo CT

   I have a pair of Vandersteen Treo CT speakers and looking for amp that goes with it. My budget is around 3k. I used to power them with Luxman L-509X and it was really good. I really do not want to spend 9k for another AMP and wanted to try a less expensive one. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Considering used Simaudio 340i and not sure whether it has got enough power to drive Treo CT.
Ayre is often paired with Vandersteen.  I have a V5xe with my Signature 3as, and it is a fantastic match.  Now that that model is discontinued, you can probably find it in your price range.

JohnnyR has been pairing Belles with Vandies lately, to much acclaim....but I haven't heard the combination yet.