Amp recommendation for Vandersteen Treo CT

   I have a pair of Vandersteen Treo CT speakers and looking for amp that goes with it. My budget is around 3k. I used to power them with Luxman L-509X and it was really good. I really do not want to spend 9k for another AMP and wanted to try a less expensive one. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


What happened to your Luxman 509X integrated amp? Why are you getting rid of it? Your Luxman 509X is a very refined integrated amp. Did it break? I would think that your Luxman 509X will be superior sounding to the above integrateds that were suggested or recommended. I don't see a point why you want to get rid of your Luxman 509X and get a cheaper one. Did it not sound good on your Vandy Treo CT speakers? 

What front end source component(s) do you have? 
@caphill - Without any question, the Luxman L-509X was the best AMP I have ever owned. I also have a pair of PS Audio BHK mono block powering my Dynaudio Confidence C4 in my main listening room. I bought Vandersteen few months ago for my living room. I don't use my living room quite often. So I was not able to justify the money I spent on Luxman. Either I need to find a reasonably priced Integrated Amp for Vandy or I need to sell it and buy KEF LS50 + small amp.
Take a look at the Kinki EX-M1 under your maximum price and at 200/400 wpc more than enough power for the Treo CT's.  I have used mine with Nola K.O.'s, Verity Otello's and Reynaud Abscissa Jubilee's and it sounds superb with all of them.