Amp recommendation for Vandersteen Treo CT

   I have a pair of Vandersteen Treo CT speakers and looking for amp that goes with it. My budget is around 3k. I used to power them with Luxman L-509X and it was really good. I really do not want to spend 9k for another AMP and wanted to try a less expensive one. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

@audioconnection  - Cost was one of the choice. I tried Luxman L-509x was really good and I want to see how the lower end of Luxman would perform. What would be your suggestion? Just curious.
The dealer I bought my Vandersteen suggested Aesthetic Mimas. He had one but then he sold the last one. I looked into Ayre and ARC. I was not able to find Ayre in my budget and found ARC Integrated AMP this week at Audiogon but then I already ordered Luxman L-505UX Mark 2  over the weekend. Just plugged it in this afternoon. Here is my take so far. It is definitely sounds and feels like Luxman. Bass is good but not as much as L-509X. I think it needs to be broken-in.
Thanks for the reply.Let the Luxman run in and see if the pairing plays music for you.

(((The dealer I bought my Vandersteen suggested Aesthetix Mimas.)))(((He had one but then he sold the last one. )))Could it be it was time to start to wait for another one?A great choice with great hang time and why the Aesthetix Mimas disappears so fast most all the time?Sometimes when its time to make a great system we have to wait more time for things in life that are time correct. At least your halfway there in time.
 Best JohnnyR