Amp Recommendation for Vienna Acoustics

I own a pair of Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand. Currently using a Conrad Johnson CAV 50 Controlled tube amp. I love the warm sound of the CJ and VA , but the bass can be a bit bloated and ill defined at times. I really like a nice clean,extended tight bass.
I was wondering if a different type of amp would help tighten up the bass - More power, solid state with a high damping factor?
I tried moving the speakers away from the wall an extra two to three feet and it helps , but does not solve the problem.
I have heard the Vienna Acoustics in show rooms with high power tube amps, different speaker cables,interconnects and still heard the bass issue.

I was curious if there would be a amp that would help this , or if I just need a different speaker to obtain the nice clean , detailed bass extension.

I have also tried subwoofers to see if it would help. It did help to a point . but did not solve the problem.


add- Rogue Audio and ARC for tubed gear.

Classe' and Primare gear for solid-state.

I'v bought Vienna Ac Baby Grand SE. Aldreay 2 months loocking for amplifier.  But each time I stopped, something semsed to me wrong.  Pls, I would be obliged to get any advise or comments from whom, who already had any experiences with them. Sergei. 
Privet Sergei, 

I have VA Mozart Grand. Took me a while to find a good amp that would reveal its full potential. Started with Rotel 100Wpc, the sound was thin and the bass was lacking.  Switched to krell kav150, still not enough power. Ultimately got a Mcintosh ma6600 integrated, with 200wpc. This was the by the far the best sound I heard from VA. Bass well defined and controlled. I also have Bach, Hayden and Waltz. These speakers are very power hungry, they go well below 4ohms. The positioning of these speakers is just as important as the power you feed them.
 I just upgraded to mcintosh mc452, 450wpc, and yet to hear the result. Waiting to decide on power conditioner/ surge protector. Let me know what you decide. I have some experience with VA and can answer your questions.