Amp recommendation to drive Thiel 3.6 speakers

Hello everyone,
My first post here. I''l get right to the point.
I am looking for recommendations for suitable power amp monoblocks to drive a pair of Thiel 3.6 that I have had for 20 years, and which I intend to keep. Let me describe my current system.
Speakers: Thiel; 3.6
Power amps: Manley 250 classic monoblocks (tube)
Pre-amp: Audio Research Reference (tube)
Phono-pre: Audio Research Reference 2 SE (tube)
Turntable: VPI/SME, and Linn LP12
Digital: Audio Research CD3

I am looking for recommendations to replace the Manleys. From what I know, the Thiels are a difficult load.
Thanks in advance
As happy owner of a pair of Thiel 3.6, and two beefy amps, McCormack DNA2 and Threshold S500II, I would say that both represent a very good match with this hard to drive loudspeakers, with a slight preference to DNA2 when I go for low volume level listening in night time, impressive dynamics and details retrieval. Anyway both very recommended, even for their reliability that matters a lot due to the age these amps can be found on second hand market, never a problem or sound quality worsening.
@pyma6 the look of the Antileon is another story, it is problably not very WAF friendly but in terms of sound it is phenomenal paired with big hungry Thiel speakers.It might also be difficult to find one used as most Gryphon owners keep their amps for ages.If i didn't sell my CS 3.7s i would have bought an Antileon Evo for sure.Good luck in your search.
In my opinion, you are better off biamping these speakers. As these speakers are not coming with double binding posts, you would have to add these. Drive the mids and tweeter with one channel, and the woofer with the other channel. Any pair of decent amps will be able to give good results and likely much cheaper then the alternatives.
Even if bi-amped both amps would need to do most of their work below 4 Ohms. And with their 1st order crossovers larger than usual overlap (compared to other crossover slopes), would suggest using identical amps would be more appropriate as well.