Amp recommendation to drive Thiel 3.6 speakers

Hello everyone,
My first post here. I''l get right to the point.
I am looking for recommendations for suitable power amp monoblocks to drive a pair of Thiel 3.6 that I have had for 20 years, and which I intend to keep. Let me describe my current system.
Speakers: Thiel; 3.6
Power amps: Manley 250 classic monoblocks (tube)
Pre-amp: Audio Research Reference (tube)
Phono-pre: Audio Research Reference 2 SE (tube)
Turntable: VPI/SME, and Linn LP12
Digital: Audio Research CD3

I am looking for recommendations to replace the Manleys. From what I know, the Thiels are a difficult load.
Thanks in advance
Jim Thiel mostly used Threshold S500, then Krell FPB600 when designing his speakers.
Well if he liked Threshold you guys should consider the amp I just bought, the CODA #8 for my CS3.7's. It has 600 to 1200 watts continuously at 2 Ohm considering the version purchased (V1, V2, or V3). The CODA guys came from Threshold.

I put my KRELL K-300i integrated on the CS3.7's and they also were great. Tons of bass and a huge sound.

I’ll bet The Crown Drive Corps would do the job.  440 @ 8 ohm

770  @4 ohm, 1200 @ 2 ohm.  Without  breaking a sweat.