Amp recommendations for KEF R7 speakers

Hi all. Purchased a pair of KEF R7 floor-stand speakers. Does anyone have any experience of what amp (brand and watts) can drive these speakers to sound great? Do McIntosh do well with these? They are going into a 18x15 open room with a 13 foot cathedral ceiling.Also any recommendations on the placement. Any input will be a great help. Thanks.


definitely a smoother aounding amp like McIntosh sounds best with the KEF R series.  They can sound metallic to some with the wrong amp.  

What sound characteristics are you looking for, what’s the rest of the equipment in your system, what’s your budget, and are you looking for new or used?  Are you looking for an integrated amp or separates?  The more info you provide the better and more targeted the recommendations here will be. 




There is a place to put photos of your system under Virtual systems. It would be really helpful so we can be helpful.