Amp recommendations for Maggie 3.6?

I'm looking to spend up to $5000 for a new or used 2-channel amp. I listen to mostly classical and jazz. My present amp is a Musical Fidelity A3.2CR (130 /225w @ 8 & 4 ohms). Though I am in a mid-sized apartment, I find myself pushing the limits of the amp. I am seriously considering Odyssey Extreme monos, but am intrigued by the great press for Butler TDB220 and Moscode 401HR. Also considering used McIntosh, such as MC 402. I love the sound of tubes, yet don't want to sacrifice bass, imaging, or transparency. (I know--big wishes on a small budget!) I would appreciate your suggestions, as I have a disability which prevents traveling to audition equipment. Thanks
Parasound JC-1 's are great on 3.6's. If your willing to take a little chance, I've always been curious if a VTL-450 would have enough juice for the maggies and used they are in your price range. I know the 750's will work, but they put you over budget.

I lived with the JC-1's for quite a while with no complaints it was a great match, in fact the guy who ended up buying them(the 3.6's) from me ended up with JC-1's and is still happy with them
Wolcott P220-M monoblocks (220w) have sounded really good on the Magnepan 3.6 speakers in Slipknot1's system. You should be able to buy a used pair at the top end of your budget. In Slipknot1's system, the Wolcotts replaced Aragon Palladiums for a significant improvement. The impressive thing for me with the Wolcotts is how resolving they are with the Magnepans at low volume levels, but have no difficulty driving the speakers to volume levels that cause me to need to leave the room. They also deliver some of the best bass response I've heard from Maggies.
Bryston has always worked well for me.I had the 1.6's and before that the MG 1's.The SST series of course being the most preferred because of the power ratings and the low noise floor.Marry that up with a tube pre and you will have yourself a nicely balanced system.