Amp recommendations for Spendor

Looking at either Spendor A4 or A7 speakers and what best to drive them with.
I'd prefer the A7 since they're not all that much larger, better reviews, a bit more bass extension and easier to drive with the higher efficiency. My short list is either a Luxman integrated or possibly a Cary Audio setup of some sorts.
Room size is 15'W x 20'D. Cathedral ceilings. I'll be about 10' from the speakers. They'll easily be 3' from the back wall, 4' to 5' from side walls. Room is neutral as far as being either 'hard' or 'soft'.
I'd possibly consider the D7.2s but I believe they're a bit too much for my room size.Thanks in advance!
My local dealer sells Spendor speakers. I've heard the A4 and 7 at his store w/both Naim and Luxman gear. You can't go wrong w/either.
*Spendor dealer disclaimer*

I don't really think that there is a "set" amplifier that you need to go with to match well with Spendor...they tend to play nicely with lots of different amps (both the A and D series).

You mentioned Luxman and Cary.  Do you have a preference on solid or tube?

Like Kren stated above, I would think that the D7.2s would work ok in your room size (especially considering the cathedral ceilings).

With that said, I'm a huge fan of the A Series speakers.  The sound both the A4 and A7 produce from their cabinet size, is quite impressive.  It's pretty crazy to setup a pair of A4s and see/hear the soundstage they can throw.


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Thanks goldprint
I can't say I have a preference on SS or tubes.  To say, after many decades, that this is my first go around at a true audiophile system would be an understatement.  I like the Cary SS amp backend and their tube preamp front end (I'm in NC).  But I'm not sure I need all the power and if I even want to go the separates route.  Luxman is a great product and the L-507 would be my choice.  And I've been looking at the "hybrid" integrated amps.  SS power supply and tube preamp section.It seems the A series is readily available to purchase online but I'm hard pressed to find the D series.  Any idea of who the US distributor is?