Amp recommendations for Spendor

Looking at either Spendor A4 or A7 speakers and what best to drive them with.
I'd prefer the A7 since they're not all that much larger, better reviews, a bit more bass extension and easier to drive with the higher efficiency. My short list is either a Luxman integrated or possibly a Cary Audio setup of some sorts.
Room size is 15'W x 20'D. Cathedral ceilings. I'll be about 10' from the speakers. They'll easily be 3' from the back wall, 4' to 5' from side walls. Room is neutral as far as being either 'hard' or 'soft'.
I'd possibly consider the D7.2s but I believe they're a bit too much for my room size.Thanks in advance!
I'm familiar with the favorable reviews on the CM3 and you can catch some variant of the CM online (eBay, this site).  I've looked at the Cary's and other tube integrateds.
I've been a bit hesitant on the full tube power setup (tube integrated or tube amp/preamp) since there is this (probably false) stigma that they're best for softer music.  Not that I'm a head banger but I do love classic rock.  About as heavy as I would get would be Tool or Metallica.  So I'd want something that can "keep up".There's also tonal neutrality across the board.  As long as all components are not colored/heavy/light in any part of the musical spectrum, they should play all types of music well.
I have D9’s in a smaller room. No problem.
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Heard them with the top of the line Chord integrated. If I had the $$$ the Chord would probably be in use.
@colpgmrguy -- 

I'm in NC as well!  Give me a shout if you would like, I would love to help.  I'm a Spendor dealer.

As an FYI, I have a Rogue Cronus Mag III demo here, so you would be able to hear it if it's something that interests you.

I'm also pretty familiar with Cary.


other perhaps obvious point i would add is that spendors old and new, being well designed well made speakers voiced with care, are revealing of upstream components, including the amplification -- certainly the higher spendor models are quite revealing in this regard

this is somewhat overlapping but also distinct from the issue of whether a certain amp can drive the spendor model well... spendors in general are not very hard to drive, are of moderate to decent efficiency

all the tradeoffs between tubed and solid state amplification, and quality tiers and power levels of each type, can be clearly heard on the better spendor models