Amp repair cost — is this right?

I recently sent my Musical Fidelity a308cr power amp off to be recapped. This amp is somewhere around 16-18 years old and one of the power caps failed. I contacted Musical Fidelity and sent it to a repair shop they recommended. Today I received an estimate to replace 18 caps, 8 of which are large power caps, resolder the boards, and re-bias the transistors. Basically a full overhaul. The quote I received, including return shipping (prob around $100) Is over $1,300 which possibly exceeds the value of the amp. That doesn’t include the $115 it cost me to ship it out. Having never had an overhaul done on a power amp like this, I’m wondering if anyone with experience can tell me if this sounds right. I guess I was expecting something more like $600-$800 but I don’t know why since I really don’t have a frame of reference. Perhaps it was the assumption it might be 4 hours labor (say $400) plus max $200 for caps. Is $1,300+ on track? Either way I’m going to be out the shipping cost plus a $160 fee paid for the estimate.
Audiogon is a very strange place. I'm simply asking if this price is in the right range and getting some really strange responses that don't answer that question.

@jafant thank you very much for your feedback. That's what I was trying to find out
My pleasure to assist.  If you are located in the U.S., consult Bill Thalmann (former lead electronic tech w/ Conrad-Johnson) for  2nd opinion/quote.He is very accomplished and can work on just about every brand out there.He is Music Technology 703.764.7005 -Keep me posted on your repair or replace decison.
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I agree with the perspective of Elliot and Jafant, well reasoned and stated.
Electrolytic capacitors, regardless of size or manufacturer, are simply not that dear (exotic films being another story altogether).  I believe any competent technician should be able to perform this work for under $500, including re-biasing the output stage.  The work would take 4 hours maximum.  As a lifelong electronics tinkerer and professional, your estimate is ridiculous to be honest.  
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