Amp(s) to drive B&W 803 D3 speakers

Currently using a Vincent SP-331 stereo amp rated at 150/300 w/ch.

Typically listen at peaks around 85 dB, occasionally up to peaks around 95 dB.

Only interested in SS.

Clarity is primary consideration.

Would consider stereo or mono amps.

Will be bi-wiring.

Thanks for any suggestions!


I’d put the AGD Audion and Gran Vivace monoblocks on your list.  An added bonus is they’re upgradable as technology improves, which they’ve already done once. 

Thanks so much to all for the suggestions thus far!

I am going to have plenty of homework to do...

I recently heard Aavik I-280 and I was utterly gobsmacked that it was a Class D amp. It sounded like an excellent Class A amp. Crystal clear unveiled sound but still rich and weighty. I imagine the P-280 should be identical in performance. 

The other excellent amp in this price range I've heard is Esoteric S-02.

higher classe

higher hegel

higher ayre

higher odyssey (bargain)

pass krell belles class a (could get very expensive)

musical fidelity nuvista models

among others

--- common feature through all above is low distortion, powerful, well controlled solid state amplification with very refined, natural (and not in the least exaggerated) treble reproduction

It is my opinion, B&W speakers sound best (as with most speakers) with an amp that has "jump" factor to it.  Amps in my experience that play dynamically are:

Mark Levinson #27.5

Fully restored (recapped) by authorized repair center, George Meyer in Los Angeles.  This amp is for sale here:

Mark Levinson No. 27.5 dual monaural power amplifier

Mark Levinson No. 27.5 dual monaural power amplifier


This Mark Levinson integrated amp, #383 also on Meyer's website (fully refurbished) would also be a great choice, considering the $3,000 dollar cost. 

It is located here:

Mark Levinson No. 383 integrated amplifier

Mark Levinson No. 383 integrated amplifier


My last suggestion is this Esoteric A-02 amp being sold at The Music Room (TMR).  They want $6,000 dollars for it.  This is a beautiful sounding amp; I know first hand as I currently have one of these.  400 watts into 4 ohms!  These will make your B&W's play with some dynamics.  It's a heavy, but manageable beast at just under 100 pounds.  It is located here:


Esoteric A-02 Stereo Power Amplifier; A02; Silver