Amp suggestion for Speaker Art Clef $1000 Budget

I am fairly new to Audiogon and this is my first posting. I have recently purchased these speakers and I am looking for an amp with a fairly high damping factor to drive them. My preamp for now is a peachtree nova streaming Sonos for a very simple setup until more funds allow for future upgrades. Can any current or former Clef owners make a suggestion? Thanks.
I own a set myself and give them 150w/ch from a B&W. Bob lives down the street and uses a variety of amplifiers from class d JVC's & Wyred 4 Sound monoblocks to 50w/ch class A's. I've found that if using solid state just make sure it's a good unit with headroom. Call Bob if you want to know about the class A that he recommends if you are interested in that route.

Hope this helps a bit because I've found that most good units work fine.
Thanks for the response. I have talked to Bob numerous times since I originaly posted and have tried various amps from Oydessy, Marsh, Aragon and Quicksilver. I found the B&K 507 was one of the better amps on these great speakers and I just picked up a pair of Super Clefs.
Haha!!! I just noticed that I had a typo in my response to you. My current amplification is a B&K not B&W. BTW, I use an AVR507 as well on these so that's a bit funny.

I will say that Bob's upstairs room with Super Clefs and a 500w Wyred 4 Sound monoblock to each is one of the nicer systems I've ever auditioned price not withstanding(I'm unable to recall the rest of the components so sorry on that).

Good luck to you but I doubt you will need it with these very versatile speakers.
Bob uses the Acoustic Reality EAR amps on his Speaker Art speakers.
He raves about those amps having a tube sound.
Before that he was using an Edge Amp.
I believe it was the M6 or M8 amp.
You can email Bob.
He's a good guy to talk about.