Amp suggestions please...need some power

Looking for a SS amp that can comfortably deliver 250-400+ish wpc into a 4 ohm load and can be had <$1500 (used OK). I own PSB Stratus Goldi and by comfortable I mean the sensation of doing 60 mph in a Ferrari - you ALWAYS know its there if you need it.

My system is evolving from an integrated to separates and will probably mate with a tubed pre. My media is 50/40/10 vinyl/digital/FM and I prefer a sound that is more warm than analytical but do enjoy drive and detail.

On my list -

Bryston 4Bst
Parasound Halo a21

If you have a recommendation of a synergistic, tubed preamp, I'm all ears. No phono needed, remote is nice but not mandatory - budget <$1500 (used OK).

Any and all input is appreciated.