Amp to pair with FM Acoustics 122/245 combo ?

FM Acoustics amps are ultra expensive and practically non-existent in the 2nd hand market.

Have narrowed choices between Ayre, Accuphase and Luxman marques, preferably monoblocks.

Speakers to be driven are Dynaudio original C4s, Heritage Specials and ATC SCM40s.

Thanks in advance for your insights.



Thanks for your response jond.

Went with a pr. of Accuphase A-200 monos @ 100w class A into 8 ohms purchased here on Audiogon. Awaiting arrival to see how they mesh with FMA.

Awesome rost those are fantastic amps I’m sure. I hope its a great match and quite a system you have there!

I have a pair of FMA FM 111 monos that I plan to sell next month (July 2023) on Audiogon. I am the original owner and bought them directly from the factory on 8-May-2009. They are in mint condition and I have their original boxes and documentation. I also have the complimentary Forcelines (1.5m). They were paired with the FM 245 pre and their own interconnects, which will also go on sale at the same time. If interested, please let me know

I'm curious, do you have all those speakers in one room or 3 different rooms/systems?  I have two integrateds, one tube one SS in my listening room and usually swap between them depending upon weather (if its hot I go SS). If they are in the same room I'm wondering what makes you choose one over the others.