Amp upgrade recommendations

I am considering having a pair of DNA 0.5s upgraded to Rev A and converted to monoblocks to run balanced off of my BAT VK3i, which is driven by a CAL CL-10/Classe' DAC also running balanced. Speakers are Vandersteen 3Asigs. Or I could sell the amps and buy something else. The mono-block conversion and upgrade is $1800; amps would yield about $1400-1500.00 (one is already Rev B) if I sold them. Any thoughts on which route might be better? I do not want to get involved with a tube power amp. Thanks for your ideas.
I think Musical Fidelity has a $5k (new) integrated that's probably half that used that is virtually impossible to beat sonically right now! I've owned a few "class A" rated amps, and have dinked around with the McCormack's, and I don't think you'll get better sound than what Musical Fidelity(Or is it Mobile fidelity..I gorget Something like that anyway)
piece offers. Might look into it.
I personally don't think the McCormmack's are "the Cat's Pajamas", but that's me. Infact, my old Threshold T200(class A rated) was better than anything that McCormack made. The T200 is the best SS amp at around $1500 used.
Good Luck
Fiscally speaking you'd be best to sell the DNA 0.5's and buy another used amps. I agree with most of the reco's here, I haven't heard the Musical Fidelity. I also agree with hifiguy, I have a Threshold T400 which I like better than the McCormack IMS. McCormack is a nice SS amp, but to spend $1800 upgrading it, you would never recoup that money if you decide in another year or so. I'd sell and go with the more expensive McCormack's (if you like that sonic signature) or a GamuT, Classe, Threshold or Rowland, IMHO.
Why not just buy one of his DNA-125's or 225's? According to Steve, they are better than buying one of his older ones as he was limited by price structure. You can buy a used 125 on here for around $1000.
For the money,why not look at a Plinius SA-250,Pass X-350 or the newly listed MBL.You are going to want a fair amount of power for the Vandys.Going to a class A biased amp will be a revelation on these speakers.I like the Gamut amp,but you push it and it loses its' composure-I can see why it would work well with the VA 5s=powered bottom end.Happy hunting! Tom
I had a DNA 1 for about 2 years and it is a good amp.However it is not as refined or detailed as the Krell KSA 250 not even by a small margin and not as liquid or sweet as any of the Aleph series amps from Pass Labs. My suggestion would be to look for a used Plinius SA 100, similar in sound to the McCormick but much more refined ,Pass labs or a Krell KSA 250. These three amps have deeper sound staging than the DNA. I ve always found the DNA to be rahter forward in there presentation. All three of these amps are very versatile and flexible with a wide range of speakers I haved used them on Ribbons, Hibrids and Cone speakers with excellent results.