Amp ventilation question

Hi group,
I have my eyes on the Marantz Reference PM15S2B Limited integrated; Marantz recommends a minimum of about 8" clearance on top, back and sides for proper ventilation. I have a Timbernation maple rack that's open on the sides and back, so that's not a problem. However, this amp would be going on a shelf with about 7" clearance on top.

Think that would be a problem? We're only talking about an inch, which I don't think would be a big deal, but wanted to run it by you folks.

Thanks in advance for your input,
I own the amp you are looking at. I also have 4 1/2" of top clearance for it my open rack. Absolutely no problems whatsoever.

As is the case with just about anyone offering a product or service, they are being overly cautious in this hyper-litigious society of ours. I believe their 8" caveat is right next to the warning not to spill any McDees hot coffee on it either.

BTW, its a great amp and I highly recommend it. I don't know what you intend on driving with it, but I drive a pair of 4 Ohm Vienna Acoustic Bach Grands with mine, and the Marantz has taken these speakers to new heights.
I group of us all bought an amplifier of Japanese origin, I was the only one that installed fans, and my unit lasted about 2-3 times longer than the rest of them before the caps failed. So I strongly recommend installing the fans for proper cooling.
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The amp would be driving a pair of B&W 805 Nautilus speakers, using Kimber 8TC speaker cable.
I am thinking of getting two PM152SB's, and running them in bi-amp mode.
That's what I do with my current amps, a pair of older Arcams.
I'm biomed tech. I'm between medicine and technology.

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