Amp ventilation question

Hi group,
I have my eyes on the Marantz Reference PM15S2B Limited integrated; Marantz recommends a minimum of about 8" clearance on top, back and sides for proper ventilation. I have a Timbernation maple rack that's open on the sides and back, so that's not a problem. However, this amp would be going on a shelf with about 7" clearance on top.

Think that would be a problem? We're only talking about an inch, which I don't think would be a big deal, but wanted to run it by you folks.

Thanks in advance for your input,
Very nice speakers Jeff. Thanks for sharing.
I am curious though...sounds like your a fan of bi-amping but why consider two integrateds to get the job done? Seems like a waste of a pre-amp section on one of the Marantz's.

Why not consider one integrated and a power amp? Or a pre-amp and two power amps? I have seen and heard B&W 805 Diamonds bi-amped using an Arcam A38 integrated ($2400) and an Arcam P38 power amp ($1600) with very impressive results. It would be cheaper too than two PM15S2's. And your an Arcam guy!
You're absolutely right: it is a bit overkill getting an extra pre-amp, which is what I'd be getting with two Marantz PM15S2's. I would prefer a power amp/integrated, but Marantz is not offering that option.

That's what I currently do: I bi-amp my Arcam Alpha 9 integrated with my Alpha 9 power amp.

Yes, I'm a big Arcam fan; I'm waiting to see what comes next: the A38/P38 is now several years old, and Arcam tells me they are coming out with something new soon.

I also own Marantz, and do really like the Marantz sound; the PM15S2 is on sale right now, so it's making me take a serious look at this.

My budget is roughly $4,000, and I keep saving up. I'm open to all suggestions about the best combination I can get to bi-amp with my B&W's.

Thanks again,
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Jeff, by the by, I really really like my PM8004. I have a McIntosh MA 6600 and a tube integrated as well. It holds it own very well in the bunch.
Good to hear about the PM8004; I am a Marantz guy, too. My SR7005 sounds wonderful.