Amp vs Preamp which is more important?

I am considering changing my amp/preamp combination and as I think about budget, I am wondering if one of these components should get more focus. My other question is if these components, even separates can never be considered in isolation but are always part of a pair working together.

I thought there must be a thread on this, but I couldn't find it. Feel free to respond with it here and I will shut this thread down.



Power amp but a neutral, transparent preamp with good volume control that will keep perfect left-right channels balance is important too.

For the BEST SOUND....Tube preamp with Solid State amp.( Class D like Aavik or Gato OR on the more mid fi level the Peachtree Gan 400 is excellent

If you have not already Tube Rolled the Input Stage on the Pre-Amp and Power Amp, there is a trick being missed.

A Investigation on Tube Options and trials may just deliver what is being sought.

I would make the best Tubes available for the Pre' as the better the signal is processed at this the device is for the benefit of the Power Amp.

Trying different Umbilical's at all interfaces can be tried out, these being selected for their allowing New Tube selection to really show of their magic, will be a very cost effective way forward.

I can't say enough good things about PC Triple C wire used to produce Umbilical's and Speaker Wire. 

Holy moly,

They are both important.  But consider this: If the preamplifier omits anything (no matter how subtle), it is lost and can never be recaptured.  This is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Now extend this singular example to all the miniscule details that must happen correctly before the amplifier ever gets the signal.

The amplifier has to be faithful to this small input signal and produce/amplify exactly what it has been given. All of it's attributes must be in keeping with the loudspeakers.  This is synergy and without it, the reproduction just won't work. 


A truly great preamplifier will not be system dependant. Amplifiers must be considered with the loudspeakers that you will be using. Very efficient speakers may match up well with SET amps, etc. Less efficient speakers will require a more powerful amplifier.  Purchasing decisions must be in context with loudspeaker consideration (s).