Amp Warranty Repair - What's an acceptable timescale for turnaround?


My amplifier failed at the end of January of this year. I contacted the retailer who advised me it was still under warranty and he undertook to contact the distributor. At this stage I assumed that its repair would entail a trip to a highly regarded technician whose workshop is a 2 hour drive from my home!

The dealer got back to me and said that he had spoken with the distributor who said that the amp could not be repaired locally and would have to be returned to the manufacturer. 

I left the Amp with the dealer on the 1st February 23. As returning it to the manufacturer required an overseas journey I did not expect the turnaround to be a quick one!

I last spoke with the dealer on 30th March. He said he was trying to chase things up with the distributer but did not know anything else about the Amp as they had not updated him about it.

The conversation ended with me asking him to try and contact the distributer for an update and to see if he could get an approximate date for its return to me! The Dealer said he would try, and to be fair to him he has, on 2 occasions, offered to loan me an amp, He also said he felt awkward as he didn't know what to tell me, and added that he had to go via the distributer as he could not contact the manufacturer himself (politics I  guess!).

Now I don't expect miracles, but am I unreasonable in thinking that this lack of communication from the distributer is an example of appallingly poor customer services! I would also add that they have my details as the product was registered with them!

Any thoughts would be welcome as I am not sure what the best way forwards is!





OT, my streamer has been out of service for three months. I am told there’s an refund if its not fixed by early this week. waited until mid/end of the week - I sent two emails, waiting game again.. sheesh

Back in the mid-late 80s, it took Marantz over 2 months to fix a CD transport under warranty.  The dealer wouldn't even give me a loaner while my 3 month old CDP was in the shop.  Makes it hard to justify the depreciation hit if warranty work isn't swift and painless.  OTOH, Schiit turned around two DACs that had developed issues inside of 14 days including transit time.  That's the way it should be done.

Good video on YouTube regarding audio company's service levels.

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Admittedly these brands in the video are all high-end brands where an expectation of service is greater than bargain brands. The advice to buy American components is good due to costly and slow shipping to get components serviced overseas.


What's the name of the amp manufacturer? These types of things need to be openly discussed for the benefit of mankind.

Did you take advantage of the spare amp your dealer offered? I would buy a second amplifier as a back up.  If you have a foreign made amplifier and it's got to go back to the foreign country for repair it's at least several months and an absolute nightmare.

Conrad Johnson has great customer service you should consider a New amp these guys who are in the US.

Since your dealer offered to load you an amp, might take advantage of that offering as In home demo of an amplifier you'd like to hear.

Id jump on that.