Amphion Creon Replacment Bass Drivers

I have a set of Amphion Creon 2's and one of the Bass Drivers went bad. I took one out and it's made by peerless. Looks to be an 8 inch with a QC number of 030217 Cat number 850628 and a serial that looks like 570254850628. Can't find them anywhere. Tried Peerless, Tried Amphion. Any leads?
Talk to Jason at Adirondack A/V in NY. He's an Amphion dealer, and just got me a replacement mid driver for my Xenons through Amphion. Wasn't cheap, but they're original.
On Peerless Drivers the number you need is the catalog number in your case 850628, however doing a search it does not come up as a good number, are you sure you have it correct ? It can also be that its a custom made driver by Peerless for Amphion in which case your only source will be Amphion. If you can't get a response from them, you will have to settle for a stock number that comes close.

A search for the Amphion speaker reveals that it one of the older multi-layed poly cones under the CSX line, a possible suitable replacement driver can be found Perless 8 Inch Driver

Best of Luck