Amplifier and Speaker A/B switcher

I'm looking for a well made switcher that has the ability to switch between two amps (rca cables) and two speaker pairs (using banana plugs). I am only seeing devices made in China and they don't appear to be of very good quality. Can anyone suggest a high quality device safe for my equipment and not to degrade audio quality? Thanks.


Exactly. There are many nice integrateds that have A/B switches. I’ve always felt that’s the best way to assess speaker SQ. At least for me, my “SQ” memory is very short. The time it takes to swap cables would be too long. Assuming both sets of speakers are able to be optimized for location and position, a remote control AB switch would provide instant comparison. 

I use this.. it works for me and if I’m A/B some speakers or an amplifier it does the job. Would I leave it in line forever? Nope but I can use it to hear what I need to hear.

SOLUPEAK P3 2-Way AMP Amplifier... http://SOLUPEAK P3 2-Way AMP Amplifier...

That one by AVA looks like the only device that will really protect your gear.  The Chinese company Douk makes exactly what you are looking for but not so sure I would trust my equipment into that thing.