Amplifier brand/designer with the most unique and consistent “house sound?”

This concept of “house sound” has been pretty fascinating to absorb and consider.  Who here knows amp brands and their house sounds well enough to comment?
+1 on Ayre.  At audio shows, they are the rare solid-state company that always pleases my tube-lovin' ears.
Some one who has designed, built, helped design and build and passed his ideas on for others in the DIY field is Colin Wonfor, maybe best known for the Inca Tech Claymore and SECA amps. He also designed the original Tellurium Q cables, his latest work comes under the name of EWA Designs, but he has built some of the most extraordinary amps ever.
What is house sound?
I mean that a amplifier can be made much more linear and do not deviate as much from a flat line as a speaker does. That has more swing up and down from any kind of line.

I thinking if we want to deviate from a horizontal line with for example more bass and more highs so we get a smiley curve.

If a manufacturer consistent make amplifier that make a in this example a smiley curve.
Is that a definition that that manufacturer has that house sound i guess.

Or is the definition of a house sound something completely different?