Amplifier for avantegarde duo 2.2?

A friend owns these speakers, he would like to know which amps others are using that match well with these wonderful speakers? He has a small listening room, and uses vinyl and a cd player for source. The preamp will be determined after amp is chosen.
Apparently, these work well with Avantgardes: ( You might inquire from these guys as to the combo's traits, since they sell both lines; ( Any high quality SET amp will work well. Keep in mind: Any noise/system shortcomings will be magnified as if by an electron microscope. These speakers are unmerciful in their adherence to the truth.
Best in my experience is the Lamm ML2; others include Art Audio PX-25 and Audiopax 88.
The Lamm is for sure, but in real world don't break the bank money... take a look at the SAP stuff as did Steve Rochlin of Enjoy the Music when reviewing said item.

I own one of these and its' KT66's are pure magic w/ the 2.2 speakers
I'm using an Art Audio Carissa with my Duos and its very good. As a note of interest I also use Van Den Hul Revelation speaker cables which are the best I've tried with these speakers. Very smooth and airy on top. A touch shy in the bass but they're new and break in time should solve this shortcoming.