Amplifier for Cornwall IV

I’m looking for SOLID STATE  amplifier for new to me Cornwall IV (NOT INTERESTED IN TUBES) due to current conditions thanks 
 I’m trying to decide between this amps 
I have the speakers next is amp and then Preamp follow by source
I have Cambridge Azur 851N and cocktail Audio X45 for DAC and  streaming duties also has classe SSP800  and Parasound Hint6  to use as Preamp only for now 
100% streaming and this set up is going to be in my garage MANCAVE
I listen to almost everything but blues , old school country , jazz and  reggae mostly thanks I appreciate any advice and recommendations 

While I haven't heard solid state amps that sound quite like better low-powered tube amps, that is not to say that some remain nice choices.  I liked the First Watt J-2 amp I had in my system for a couple of weeks.  I have also heard some nice systems powered by Ayre amps and Rowland amps.  These days, solid state amps DO NOT sound harsh or grainy or unpleasant as they did in the past.  Rather, they sound a touch lifeless unless played loudly, and are not quite as engaging (one's interest in the music tends to wane earlier).  There can also be a slightly artificial "edge" to the attack of notes with solid state (also the case with many high-powered tube amps), but some people like that sound.

A local dealership that sells only tube amplification has a Parasound JC-1 amp.  I asked the owner why he has that amp and he said that he heard that it is one of the better sounding solid state amps.  He uses it for demonstrations where customers want to hear a direct comparison between tubes and solid state.  In other words, he uses the solid state amp to make sales of tube amps.  It works. 

Try a FW F8 if you don't want tubes?!? I had one paired with my Cornwall IV's and a 01A DHT SET tube pre and it was a great pairing. I did sell it though...DH WE300B SET bested it, but not by much. I'm addicted to SET amps though. Once you are eaten up with's hard to go SS anything in my experience. That is all!

I use First Watt amplifiers with my DIY horns, and I think they are an excellent choice. They replaced Cary Audio 2a3 monoblocks, and the improvement was obvious.

A low powered SET tube amp is the best amp for Klipsch’s, period.  But if you definitely want to stay away from tubes, then go with a low powered class A amp.  A pair of Amp Camp monos will do the job really well or a Class A Monarchy amp.