Amplifier for Tannoy Turnberry GR

I just purchased a pair of beautiful Tannoy Turnberry GR speakers and now I need to purchase an amplifier for them. I would really love to try a SET amp but definitely want to stick with a tube amp(s). I have a line on some Wyetech amps - a pair of Wyetech Onyx rated at 13 watts and a Wyetech Topaz 211 rated at 18 watts. The Onyx mono blocks are available for around $2000 while the Topaz is going for $6000 - the Topaz is at the very top of my budget.

How would these amps do with the Turnberrys? What are other Turnberry owners using?
I am using Manley Neo250 on my Tannoy Kensington GR. Very very satisfied, no plans of replacing it ever.
S1nn3r - Those are some nice looking amps. Have you tried other Manleys with your Kensingtons?

I just got my Manley Neo-Classic 300B preamp and 2 Chinook for my MM and MC cartridge. Will put them together as soon as I'm able.
Pani wrote "...had a McIntosh C275 for demo at home and I
realized that these speakers sound so clean and dynamic
that any amount of power can be consumed unknowingly."

Pani - can you give me your impression on the MC275 you demoed? I stopped into a dealer yesterday and had a chat with a salesman. He suggested that the MC275 would be a great match with my Turnberrys and even offered me a very good deal on a brand new unit. I am very tempted to snap it up. He thought this amp would be a much better match with my speakers vs the MC452.

I have ruled out the Wyetech Onyx but I still have the Wyetech Topaz on the list. The MC275 looks intriguing.
Some time ago I heard Tannoy Prestige line speakers using Octave tube amps. The combo sounded very good. I like Octvae tube amps. Many tube amps sound overly warm or lush Octave doesn't while still giving that tube "magic".