Amplifier for the magnepan 3.7i

I know this was just brought up a few weeks ago and i am having the same problem with choosing the correct amp. The room is 18x19 12 foot ceilings in this room. I had it in my mind i was going to go with tubes this time,but the struggle comes if I can get a tube setup that will give my the spls i want in that room. I took some readings of levels i probably will listen at with a standard meter.82-88 normal levels but when i want to kick it up 88-100. I have looked at the rouges cronus magnum integrated but think it might come up short also looked at prima luna integrated hp. I even considered rouges m-180 mono blocks with their pre amp. I am feeling sort of deflated  and looking at solid state amps like magtech and others. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free. I don't want to go over $7000 on separates tube amp setup. the prima luna stuff looks nice and has great reviews but not sure on the power. I even thought about doing a Martin Logan setup the Montis with built in sub

"I talked to John he is thinking putting the magnepans beside the fireplace is a bad idea ,feeling deflated."

Hi partel,

     If you mean the speakers would be straddling the fireplace (one on each side), I think this should be avoided if possible but I think it's too early in your journey to get discouraged just yet.  There may be viable alternative positioning solutions.     Currently, however, I don't know enough about your room to offer any alternative positions.

     I'd like to assist you if I can but I need some info to be helpful:

1. The dimensions of your room, including ceiling height.

2. Are all the walls straight or are some angled.

3.  Where is the fireplace located.

4.  What furniture is in the room and whether you're willing to rearrange it if necessary.

     In my experience with Magnepans, positioning them for best results is the most critical and difficult aspect.  Here are some general guidelines to follow: 

Magnepans are dipole speakers, meaning that, because the speakers are open on both sides, the membrane radiates equally yet out of phase from the front and the rear.   Space is therefore required between the back of the speaker and the wall behind them for best performance.  I would recommend at least 3 feet but moving them further out into the room only further improves performance if you're able.

Creating an equilateral triangle between the speakers and your listening position can be a good initial positioning method.  For example, if your speakers are 8 ft. apart (on center) and 3 ft. away from the front wall behind them, your listening position would be directly between the speakers and 8 ft. away from them, forming an equilateral triangle with 8 ft. segments.

Having the vertical ribbon tweeter sections on the inside or outside is another adjustment option.

The final adjustment is angling each speaker toward the listening position (called 'toe-in') which is optional but may improve performance.

     All of these guidelines are meant to be trial-and-error adjustments that are experimented with in combination until you determine the positioning that you prefer the most.

     Please let me know more about your room when you're able.

I have used Bryston, Mcintosh (452 & 600s) and none could touch the Sanders Magtech for my 3.7s and now 20.7s.  A great pairing with Maggies is solid state power like the Magtech and tube source, here I started with a C2300 and upgraded that to a C1100, source DAC is a Modwright Elyse which provides a very sweet combination.

(BTW.....Heard the 3.7i's at a local audio shop hooked up to Pass Labs 250.8 that was very nice too.)
Do you recall if the amp stayed in class A or if the meters were bouncing around? How would you say the Magtech differs from the Pass X250.8?
  I own two Sanders monoblock Magechs. They would have no problem at all driving Magnepans. Even just one stereo Magtech would be great for your speakers.