Amplifier HUM

About 6 months ago I completed building a pair of AudioNote 300B parallel mono block amps. I love the sound, but hate the hum I'm hearing from 15+ feet away. I have gone over and over the circuit, changed the location of wires, re-soldered many points, and done the usual things such as lift the ground wire, and some unusual things such as purchase a PS Audio Humbuster. NOTHING eliminates the hum, or even reduces it. The hum emanates from the mains transformer, and combines with the speaker to produce a most annoying situation. I am using PHY speakers mounted in an open baffle. I don't seem to be as annoyed when I use a "box" speaker. The PHY has a pizzo tweeter, and I've read that that can upset some transformers, but I've disconnected the tweeter, and the hum persists. Any thoughts will be appreciated. Again, I love this speaker/amp combo, but am about to shelve the amps. Thanks.
The answer to Veridian's question is that there is both mechanical noise, and an amplified hum through the speakers. It does not change with volume.
I have contacted Brian at AudioNote. He is supposed to send me a new transformer to try, but I have been waiting since April 19th. In his defense he did send me a new transformer about four months ago, but I did not install it immediately, and he asked me to send it to someone else, which I did. I have not checked for DC at the outputs, but will. I have not tried it at another house.
I just checked the outputs with a digital meter. At the 200m setting the reading is anywhere from 00.0 to 00.3. It keeps fluctuating. At the 2 volt setting it is 0.00.
I get a hum in my amp and thru my speakers only when I am running my dishwasher. It drives me nuts.

I brought a Humbuster and I will let you know how it works once it arrives.
I've got hum probs too, that only exist for my 45 tube amp. Not a problem when it is plugged into other folks' systems, so a prob somehow connected with my apt.

Dawg, is the hum present even when the amp is only plugged into the speakers, and no inputs plugged in? That is my case, and the hum satys constant no matter what the attenuator is set to, even turned all the way down...