Amplifier pairing for Altec Flamencos

I am considering adding a new amplifier to try out in my current system and could use some advice on choices to consider that would be an upgrade and complimentary to  my setup.  I have a pair of Altec Flamencos modified with the Werner Jagusch crossovers and play them with my Don Sachs preamp and a Tubes 4 HiFi  ST 120 push pull tube amp. Listening source is Bluesound node 2i with Schiit Modi Multibit Dac.   I have also been utilizing an SVS SB 1000 with them. I am not positive that my current amp is affording the old Altecs the level of dynamics and resolution that they are capable of achieving. My normal avg listening level is 75db with peaks hitting low 90s db.  Though, on occasion, I will go to 11.   What amp will resolve this question? My budget for the amp new or used is up to $3500.  


I really like the Flamencos with my Allnic M2500 px25 tube monoblocks but I also enjoyed them through my Ear890 tube amps. Werner Jagusch crossovers improve the overall sound balance and they also enable mixing of 16ohm woofers with 8ohm compression drivers for the horns thanks to their autoformers.

also highly recommend upgrading the compression drivers to the Great Plains 902 -completely ended my endless search for upgrading my speakers as I’m so enthralled with the musicality of my Flamencos with these two key upgrades.

@kuribon Thanks for your input. I sold the speakers back to their former owner who I think regretted ever parting with them. I have rotated in some Heresy IV speakers that fit more comfortably in my space. I don’t think the Heresy’s are by any measure an upgrade in the room. Not sure what my next speaker flavor will be as I continue the journey. 

Altec reminds me of Stereophile Art Dudley and his Shindo gear.  I was tempted to purchase Art’s haut brion which is on sale for 10k, but I wasn’t planning on a Shindo system as I’m leaning more towards the Audio Note Meishu Tonmeister.