Amplifier Pairing with Coherent 15s

Hello all,

About to finalize an order for a pair of Coherent 15s (yay!) and now I'm starting to look at possibilities for amplification for them. Since they are very efficient (I believe 106db efficiency), they can work well with flea amps+, so there's a wide range of possibilities.

I have a few criteria though: I would prefer an integrated amplifier vs separates/mono blocks, both for cost and space reasons, so something like AirTight is out (plus, a bit too expensive anyway). Looking around the $10k range at the higher end.

I don't listen to things super loud, and tend to prefer tube amplification. Music tends to lean majority Jazz, with some other things throw in here and there, but Jazz is the most important genre to get right.

Frank (from Coherent) recommended a couple -

Tektron Two 2A3/50S-i
Mastersound Compact 300B

Some others I've looked into:

Tektron Two 211-i
LTA ZOTL Ultralinear Integrated

I do have a few concerns with hand-crafted, more 'custom' made amps, especially by manufacturers overseas (I'm in the US) - mainly inability to demo them and ease of service/warranty. They also tend to be more difficult to sell in the case of deciding to go a different route, though this is of a lesser concern.

Anyone have any experience with any of these, have any other suggestions to explore, or any other comments?



@nordicnorm :

I am powering my 12’s with a Coincident Dynamo 34SE MKIII amp that puts out a whopping 8 watts. Which is more than enough power for the 12s to sing.

The Coincident is being fed by a Don Sachs 6SN7 linestage.

Good to know! The 15s are even more efficient, so the little fleas will probably do well!

How are you liking your 12s?

@soix :Very helpful stuff. Given that I’d look at the Audio Hungary Qualiton X200 or VAC is also worth a good look. If you can entertain a SET amp the Allnic T-1500 Mk2 could be a really nice amp given what you’re looking for.  Hope this helps, and best of luck.

Thanks! I'll check them out. I looked into Audio Hungary a while back and there seemed to be some grumblings about availability of warranty service in the US, so I didn't look into them much more at that time. Worth another look though! 

I did have some VAC things recommended to me when I was initially looking at Turnberry/Kensingtons as an upgrade, so will have to take a look at those again.

Probably the most annoying thing is that I don't have anywhere nearby to really demo any of these things, and many of the dealers have a 'no return' policy, so makes this especially difficult!

I love them! I replaced my Martin Logan Spires with them. Prior to that, I thought nothing could out-perform the Spires (in that price range). I was very wrong.

@nordicnorm :I love them! I replaced my Martin Logan Spires with them. Prior to that, I thought nothing could out-perform the Spires (in that price range). I was very wrong.

That's great to hear! I've talked with a couple owners of the 15s and they said they outperformed speakers they paid quite a bit more for, and I've heard basically the same about the 12s and he used to make some smaller bookshelf sized ones as well.

I'm very much looking forward to them, and Frank has been wonderful to work with - very patient and helpful!