Amplifier Recommendation for B&W Nautilis 804

I currently have N804's driven by Musical Fidelity a3CR amp and preamp. While I like the sound, I am finding the combo a bit lacking in weight, particularly in the bottom end. I'd like to see a little more punch in the music without losing detail that the a3 is known for. The A3cr is 125 watts into 8 ohms, and the 804's are rated from 50-200 watts into 8 ohms. I would spend up to 3000 for a noticable improvement.

Does anyone have a similar setup and/or any suggestions? Thanks.
I also agree with wiggle --

If you like B & W Speakers, consider upgrading to
the N803's or N802's. In my opinion, there is a big
jump in quality from the 804's to the 803's, especially
in the depth and tightness of the bass, but also in the
overall coherency and sound-stage.

And, it *would* be interesting to bi-amp, using solid
state for the bottom end and tubes for mid-range up.

Like to hear the results of that experiment.

But first, I think I would upgrade the speaker before
the amp.

Check out the N803's before you try to solve the problem
with the amp!
Thx for all your ideas. I cannot put larger speakers in my room, so a couple of questions:

Mrwigglerm, did you try other amps (ie more power, known for weight like Bryston, etc)and not get results?

If anyone has used a REL sub, once you set it up, do you get consistent sound or do you have to keep adjusting it?

Also, unfortunately, I don't have room to bi-amp. The 804s have two woofers in them. How much power do you need to drive them at the same levels as the mid/tweeter?

Thanks for your help!
I had the 803s but upgraded recently to the 802s. I am powering the B&W with the Marsh A400 (200 w/ch). I would give the Marsh a listen, as well as the Bryston 4BSST and the MF a308cr.

I agree with others that bass on your N804's will always be limited. :( Still, a bigger amp or biamping can't hurt.

I drive N803's with an (ancient) SAE s/s amp. 200wpc into 8 ohms rising to 300wpc into 4. The old thing has ample dynamics and virtually never clips. Whatever you pick, make sure its output increases significantly into more resistive loads. All the Nautilus are only nominally 8 ohm speakers. They can drop as low as 3, which puts a huge demand on the amplifier's current delivery.
Jeff --

Amps do make a difference. I recently added Krell
FPB 350 MCX monos to the front left and right and
I was able to turn my subwoofer completely off. The
Krells really filled out the bass, made it nice and
tight, deep and detailed. Then again, my speakers
had the capability for that kind of bass -- it just
took the Krells to maximize them.

I can highly recommend the Plinius -- I heard the
combo of Plinius SA-250 and N804. That Plinius was
getting everything out of those 804's and thensome.