Amplifier warm up

I was plalying Boz Scaggs, "Silk Degrees" LP.  After side one, I ate dinner.  One hour later I played side 2.  The second side sounded clearer, more vibrant with better sound stage. I have a Parasound P6 preamp and Parasound Halo A21+ amp.  Is it possible that an hour of warm up improved performance?
I am totally off grid(closest power pole is 2miles away) ,I have solar ,generator backup and lithium4 batteries . I do power my hybrid down and it takes a solid hour min, to get my system to open up. I run class D in my video room that is always in standby mode .

Temperature changes will change the biases in transistors and hence make differences.

It is almost like an ICE engine.  It runs better when it is warm.

Unless your amps are choked for air in a cabinet I've never been a fan lol .class A gets so hot its hard to even touch and I would leave on 24/7 . My hybrid tubes get hot!
There are a few other possibilities that were not considered:

1. Side One of the LP may be your favorite and thus it may have gotten more play and is showing its age compared to Side 2 that is more pristine.
2. By the time you had finished your meal, the power grid in your area may have become less busy and therefore better suited to your listening session.
3. That bong hit.