Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?

Just wondering, with this audio merry-go-round of buying and selling, if anyone has an amp that will be a keeper for life. I haven't yet but came verrrry close once...
Maker Audio NL14 Stereo or Monos...just put a stereo version in my system,....cold, OOTB, "WOW" is the word that comes to mind.
I think the answer is system dependent to a degree especially the speakers that are being used. I love my Magico S5 speakers and have owned many amps the last few years:
- CJ Premier 350
- Hegel H30
- VAC 300.1a and 450S
- Constellation Centaur
- Air Tight ATM-2
- Marantz MA9S1 monos and MA9S2 monos
The S5s sound their best through the Marantz monos which I tried on a fluke not thinking anything could rival the Constellation which beat all comers with the Magicos.

All great amps but the least expensive won the day - go figure.
Life is too long to settle on one....that being needs a great tube amp, Class A SS and massive SS amp. Pick your favorite manufacturer....there are many good one's to choose from.
I remain a VAC fan. I recently heard what my 450IQs can REALLY do and they were just jaw-dropping. It was great to hear them doing what they do best, and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Obviously this is very subjective. :-)