Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?

Just wondering, with this audio merry-go-round of buying and selling, if anyone has an amp that will be a keeper for life. I haven't yet but came verrrry close once...
While I still have (and love) my Jeff Rowland Concentra, it is in storage, and I am now using a vintage Accuphase E-303.

I could easily imagine keeping both!
Edge NL 12.1 (or 10.1 but 12.1 has more power), Maker Audio NL14 Stereo or Monos......
I have two!

My odyssey stratos, soon to be upgraded to kismet mono's

McCormack dna-750's.

I'm done

Any my Sunfire signature.
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If on a tight budget the little Primare I30 intergrated is a very nice,can't go wrong with amp.Warm,open,easy to live with,and you can afford to eat,and pay your tiny NSP bill.