Amplifiers for Vandersteen 2CE Sigs???

I have looked at several speakers in this price range and have decided to purchase the Vandy’s. Additionally I want to purchase some quality SS electronics. What have you found to be a synergistic match?? I have looked at the following as possibilities: Separates: Classe Audio CA-101/CP-35 (the only combo I was able to audition) Bryston 3B-ST/ (no preamp found here as the Brystons are to pricey) Integrated: Classe CAP-151 Krell KAV-300i The preamp MUST have a remote control. The Acurus sounded terrible (although to be fair it may have been the cheapo Yamaha DVD player that was hooked up to the Acurus) CD Player: recommendations must be under $700 list (to much happening in this arena to invest more at this time) I want to hear both your success stories as well as matches you found to be poor. I will also consider quality used equipment. Thank You Alan B.
Hello Alan Sorry to hear about the Acurus not sounding good. I have a Aragon 4004 amp hooked to a pair of vander 1b's and they sound very good. I believe the vanders to be a forgiving spkr but also accurate as to whats driving them. Good luck with your search. BTW the amp is for sale.
I bought a used, standard McCormack DNA 0.5 at the same time I bought my 2CE Sigs. I'd owned a B&K 140 and compared the two amps. The McCormack's incredibly clean and pure sounding. It tightens and extends the Vandy's base giving the speakers a real sense of punch and rythym without sacrificing their musicality. I don't think you can do wrong with the McCormack's. They're a great deal for the money, especially used and they can be upgraded indefinitely either through McCormack (now a subsidy of Conrad Johnson, I believe) or through Steve McCormack himself. I'd upgrade now except I'm looking to treat myself to a better turntable first.
Lots of amplifiers work well. I auditioned several for my Vandersteens. Favorites in order: 1) Audio Research VT100mk2, VTL ST-85 & IT 85 (very cheap!), and McCormack DNA-1. McCormack has ALWAYS been a great solid state match for the Vandersteens. The VTL integrated (IT-85) is an 85 watt $2400 integrated amp. I thought it sounded great with the 2eSigs.